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Escape from the Camp on Murderhaus Island is a short experimental prototype, mixing adventure game mechanics with survival horror.   Search the campground.  Fix the boat.  Escape.  Failing that, get killed by ghosts.

Created in just over a week for the prompt, "weird controls".  Tested in 1920x1080 on PC.  Mac download disabled due to platform specific issues.

Check out other weekly games I've created at ianmceachern.itch.io.  After you play the prototype, I would love to hear your feedback!  You can leave a comment or review here, or message me on Twitter @imceach (DMs open).


Escape from the Camp on Murderhaus Island (PC).zip 58 MB

Development log


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An interesting concept. It was fun playing, especially when NOT getting caught by the ghosts. :)


Thanks for playing!  I had a great time watching this, and got some very useful insight into design changes I should make if I decide to take this beyond the prototype stage.